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What’s the difference between Computer Financing and Leasing Computers? In a nutshell, one you own the computer and the other one you don’t.
After doing some research we noticed that there was a need for computers by people who were not able to purchase a computer due to financial set backs.  So we launched an initiative [...]


Computer Credit

Welcome to Computer Financing Today (CFT). We are here to help you buy a computer regardless of your credit.  I have been asked how this computer credit (also known as computer financing) works. So I put together some quick FAQs.
1) I have bad credit/ no credit. Can you finance me? Yes. We can finance almost [...]

Time to buy a computer?  A lot of choices out there huh? Finding a brand is only the first part.  I know my head spins once I get into RAM this, gig that, and all those numbers before the acronyms. Does anyone really know what they mean?

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I get numbers.  That’s my “thing”. I’ve [...]

Ok.  I’m like the next girl in this tough economy: always trying to save a buck.  But recently a friend of mine (let’s call her Jamie) was telling me about the GREAT deal she got on a laptop computer. I was astounded.  It was a brand name laptop computer with 1GB RAM and 150GB hard [...]


Computer Credit for Your Dell

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Interested in Computer Credit? Good, because  I have been asked to talk about financing computers.  Why?  Well because I’m the math person around here.  Guess that qualifies me huh?
Anyway, recently, our sister company, CreativeAce decided to sell computers and all that goes with it.  The long debate was what kind of computers to [...]

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