Recently our sister company decided to expand from the Service world into the Product world. In doing so, they realized that they are very good at writing documentation for computer software and could talk about what computers would fit your needs; however, to that end, they also realized while IT was their gig, financing was not.

So in a joint partnership with CreativeAce, CFT has taken on their financing. If you cannot afford to pay for a computer outright, don’t want to add to your credit card debt, or don’t have established credit, then we are here to help.

Check out our pages on the Dell™ products we have to offer then give us a call.  We’ll customize a plan for you based on the product specs and you’ll be on the Internet in no time.

We can be reached at 757-705-7739 and we are always happy to talk to new clients in our effort to meet your computer needs.  When you call don’t forget to ask about our efforts to help repair your credit.

Check back often as we plan to expand our product line over the next couple of quarters.