Here at CFT we strive to do better than our competition.  We want to not only help our community, but want you to recommend us to everyone you know. We pride ourselves on being the best in computer financing.

CFT helps you purchase a new (not used) computer. After you establish credit with us, we ship you YOUR computer. That’s right, when you receive the computer it is YOURS, not ours. This is not a lease or rent-to-own. We offer you financing at 1 flat interest rate of 5.99%. No credit check and no hidden fees.

Don’t need financing? No problem we can accept payments up front or offer shorter financing terms. We love to customize our plans to meet your needs. Give us a ring and see what we offer.

Not Good ENOUGH?

We want to beat the competition. So, for the rest of the February we have decided to give you a FREE Color Printer.

FREE. Color. Printer. This beautiful printer can print photos and other documents wirelessly or via a memory stick.

What’s the Catch?

Well, pretty straight forward: You purchase a computer from us and in turn we will ship you a brand new computer. That’s it.

So what are you waiting for? March will be here before you know it!