Thousands of new businesses are launched from home every year.  What do almost all of them have in common?

A computer.

Even if your business isn’t technology driven, a computer is essential. It manages and automates a lot of redundant tasks and having the latest technology saves you time, money, and headaches over the long haul.


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Nearly every business has a web presence.  Some use a website to gain business and others use their site just for credibility.  What a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t realize is that instead of spending $1000 or more to have a professional web designer create your site, with a little patience and some HTML understanding you can create your own for next to nothing!  You can purchase your domain name and hosting on GoDaddy for less than $15 and your can purchase a website template from DreamTemplate and you’re on your way. If setting up a website isn’t your thing, visit and they will get you up and running in less than a week.

Accounting Software

Basic inexpensive software such as Quickbooks can get you off to the right start.  This type of software will track both your business and personal finances.  And when the dreaded tax season is upon you, you can export a file and send it directly to your accountant saving untold headaches later on.  As an added bonus, you can pay your bills online and create customer invoices as well.

Document Storage

Lets face it.  The green movement is here to stay and part of that is as simple as saving trees by using less paper.  If you don’t care about that (and as a new business owner I completely understand that you have more to worry about) then consider this:  it is a lot easier and significantly cheaper to maintain vast quantities of electronic documents than paper documents.  And with all the available off site back up systems and do it yourself products, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing data.

Marketing and Advertising

Whether you want to create brochures for your customers or Powerpoint presentations to woo new clients you’ll need the latest technology.  Doing these things yourself will also save you a ton of money and is surprisingly easy (and fun) to do with all the software options available.  If you are a product based company have you considered selling your wares on Ebay or other auction sites?

Well obviously there is more that I could say.  But if you want to get your new business off to the right start, then consider a new desktop or laptop computer.  It really will be the foundation of your new venture.  If the cost seems daunting, consider financing it from us.  We offer credit to new businesses.  Call us to see how we can help!