Time to buy a computer?  A lot of choices out there huh? Finding a brand is only the first part.  I know my head spins once I get into RAM this, gig that, and all those numbers before the acronyms. Does anyone really know what they mean?

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I get numbers.  That’s my “thing”. I’ve been doing financing for more years than I care to count.  I know numbers when it comes to money. I know how to figure out if it’s worth buying outright or paying over time to get a bigger bang for my buck.

What Do You Need


  • Determine what type of computer you want (I personally recommend Dell™).  I’ve used lots of different types of computers over the years, and despite some growing pains and the fact that not every brand is perfect, I still recommend Dell™.  They are consistently the best all around.
  • Determine what you want your computer to do for you.
  • Laptop or Desktop? Don’t have a lot of space?  Go with a  laptop.
  • Do you need it for school, business, personal, or gaming? With the exception of gaming, you may not need the cutting edge graphics card or sound card.
  • Or do you want to check email, do word processing and surf a little? Check out a Netbook. They deliver a lot bang for your buck on this.

Now that you have defined what you want, let’s see how you can get it. Sooner rather than later.

Bigger Bang For Your Buck

1 – You can purchase more computer paying over a short amount of time versus coming up with all the money up front. Interest rates are defined by who is doing the financing and may also be dependent on your credit score.

What to Watch Out for

    • Credit Cards - depending on your monthly balance it may have a high interest rate. If you are new to financing you may not be able to get a credit card with a low interest rate until you have established credit.
    • Computer Stores – they usually only offer very short term leases to people with good to excellent credit.
    • Financing Companies – there are companies which offer credit to anyone regardless of whether they have no credit established, poor credit or good credit. Some of these companies charge a high interest rate and some even charge a yearly fee to be part of their program.

2 – Financing a computer can help improve your credit score.


    • Depending on who is offering the financing, they may report your payments to the credit bureaus thereby improving your credit score over time.

3 – For Business Owners computer financing allows you to write off the interest.

It Takes a While

    • For  new businesses, financing is a way to purchase want you need now to run your business without breaking the bank and in most cases you can write off the interest rate on your taxes.  An up-to-date computer is the core of most small businesses!
    • This will also help your business establish  credit.

What We Offer

Unlike most companies we can tailor a payment plan around your budget. With your authorization we can automatically debit your checking or savings account. Once setup there is nothing more for you to do. We pull the amount based on a set schedule and then send you your computer.

How easy is that? You pay us only until the computer is paid for and nothing more. No annual fees, no high interest rate. No muss no fuss.  We keep it simple. You have a question, call us. You have a problem, call us. We want you to tell us we’re the best thing since sliced bread, leave a BIG comment and call us.

Want to buy today? Want to see what we have to offer?  Give me a ring: 757-705-7739 and we’ll give you all the details, in writing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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