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Interested in Computer Credit? Good, because  I have been asked to talk about financing computers.  Why?  Well because I’m the math person around here.  Guess that qualifies me huh?


Anyway, recently, our sister company, CreativeAce decided to sell computers and all that goes with it.  The long debate was what kind of computers to sell.  They decided on Dells™  because that’s what they have worked with for years and they like them.  However, in the course of setting up selling products, it became apparent that CreativeAce was not setup to handle financing. So what did they do?  They asked me to come in and create a financing department.

Financing Company

So over the last couple of months I created forms and policies and researched and researched. I brought in gurus and associates and the next thing I know, we are not a financing department. Instead we morphed into our own company, hence Computer Financing Today!

Now just as it was natural for CreativeAce to start selling products, so was it natural for our financing company to be a joint venture with CreativeAce instead of being part and parcel of the same company.

Computer Financing

So, we are here to help you purchase a computer even if you don’t have the cash or credit to purchase your dream computer.  That’s what we’re here for.  Now at the moment we can’t help you if you want to purchase any other type of computer brand or no-brand name (check back soon as we grow our product line), but if you’re set on a Dell™, we can definitely help you.

We can create terms to fit your needs, not the standard square metrics that other computer companies have, nor the tight guidelines that are set by some finance companies.  You can call me (and yes I do answer my own phone) directly and tell me what your budget is.  I’ll take a few notes on what you want and we will give you a quote on what you can get and then your customized financing plan.  Just like that.

Sounds simple huh?  So?  What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone TODAY and give me a jingle:  757-705-7739 and find out why we are the best at “bad” credit computer financing.

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PS:  With our customized plans we can also help you repair your credit. So when you call ask us how.